Weight Loss Herbs That Work Safely

Two out of every three Americans are considered as being overweight, and every year nearly half of the American population resolves to lose weight. One popular tool that has been tried by many is that of weight loss herbs; these are natural remedies that usually claim to work by suppressing the appetite of a person.

Keep in mind that herbal supplements do not provide permanent weight loss solutions unless lifestyle changes such as improved diet and an exercise program are also implemented and maintained. Some herbs and other over the counter appetite suppressants can contain potentially dangerous interactions with other medicines and existing conditions, and therefore it is never a good idea to start any type of weight loss herbs diet without first talking to a doctor about its safety and effectiveness.

Which Weight Loss Herbs should I Take?

There are a number of weight loss herbs that make the claim to assist with weight loss. One such herb is called Stevia. Stevia has been used to help treat conditions such as heartburn, high blood pressure and obesity. It curbs sweet cravings and suppresses appetite without the use of a stimulant.

Another herb that is used is called Gymnema. This herb is known as a fat blocker and sugar blocker. It claims to reduce sugar cravings as well as promote healthy blood sugar levels. Green tea can help burn extra fat and calories, and it has many other positive health benefits, and finally, garcina cambogia is another herb that promotes weight loss because of a compound within it called hydroxycitrate. This ingredient assists in the treatment of obesity. Some doctors will point out that thus far studies have failed to show conclusively that this herb is effective.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the possible weight loss herbs that can be taken. There are many others that make claims of suppressing appetite, curbing cravings, and contributing to overall health and wellbeing. The advantage of these weight loss herbs is that they can be purchased over the counter and taken according to the discretion of the person using them. The disadvantage is that they are not monitored or regulated by any federal agency, and there are risks with taking these herbs just as there are with any medication.

How do I Take Weight Loss Herbs Safely?

There are some simple guidelines that you can follow in order to help to ensure the safety of a person who is taking weight loss herbs. First, if any supplement makes you ill, seek a doctor’s care right away. Do not take any herbs if you are pregnant or nursing, and never give them to a baby. Take weight loss herbs in moderation; do not take daily or in extremely high doses. If you are currently taking any medication for a chronic illness, check with your doctor before trying any weight loss herb. In fact, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any medication, whether prescription, over the counter or herbal.

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