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Our low-carb diets healthy diet and weight loss disclaimer The aim of this article is just to compare and contrast some of the conflicting dietary advice that is available I quote short excerpts and try to summarize the essence of some of the more popular diets The selections are from books and websites that are quite lengthy but I have taken the most pertinent information from each source and used it in this article in no way should Anyone use information within this article to determine their own dietary requirements or weight loss program You should always check with a suitably qualified Practitioner preferably your doctor before embarking on any significant dietary change This article merely highlights the difficulty in deciding which is the best diet It does not set out to promote any particular diet over another List of low carb diets before we consider whether low carb diets are healthy It’s probably useful to define what we mean by low carb diets Here’s a list of just a few of the diets that could be considered low carb or controlled carb or low glycemic index the Atkins diet zero carb diet paleo, diets zowie harcum diet that you can diet the primal blueprint the South Beach diet low GI diet glycemic load diet archieve or diet Dr.

John Griffis escaped the diet trap This list just skims the surface there are hundreds of diets that focus on lowering carbohydrate intake or controlling Carbohydrates or that advocate low glycemic index load foods, but should low GI GL diets and primal diets be considered part of the low carb spectrum I believe they should it might be more accurate to use the term controlled carb diets the one thing that all of these diets have in common is that they promote the control of sugar and carbohydrate intake low carb low GI Low GL or primal the reason I think it’s reasonable to consider all these diets together. Is that there? No consensus about the best way to eat for health or to control weight. That is quite a damning statement We put a man on the moon over 40 years ago. We have mapped the human genome. We have discovered the so-called god particle But we still don’t know which diet we should follow It is in the interests of governments the medical profession and the powerful food industry to maintain the status quo governments want to maintain the status quo because their Reputations would be further eroded if they had to announce that all the dietary advice They have provided over many years was erroneous the medical profession Establishment is compromised similarly Then we have what I will call medical profession pioneers such pioneers include all the doctors that author diet books These pioneers probably start off with good intentions But once they have published a book they are wedded to a position and this makes it difficult to accept research that Contradicts their best-selling work unless of course This contradiction can be turned into an opportunity to write another bestseller The food industry makes its money from selling processed foods these foods are cheapest to make when their main ingredients are sugars carbohydrates and Additives they’re for the food industry Spends millions lobbying governments around the world to maintain the current advice of balanced meals with a high carbohydrate content The result is unsatisfactory as the government Nutritionists the medical profession and the food industry stick to their mantra of consume fewer calories Exercise more and everything in moderation This is challenged by research as some medical professionals and some Enterprising medical journalists have claimed that a low-carb high-fat diet that focuses on the consumption of healthy fats is the key to controlling Weight and living healthily the following table illustrates the problem I have compared the government advice to three leading alternatives three alternative diets The Zoe harcum diet.

I have a copy of Zoe Harkins. Excellent book. Stop counting calories start losing weight There are three stages Stage one kick starts for weight loss and helps wean you off Foods that you are likely to be addicted to and this stage is where you severely restrict carbohydrates apart from 50 grams brown rice day But this stage lasts only five days in stage two There are three simple rules to follow avoid processed foods Do not eat carbs and fats at the same meal and do not eat foods that cause food carvings Which you identified in stage one by following the rules in stage two You should lose weight But not as fast as in stage one when you have reached your target weight you progress to stage three Which in a nutshell is the same as stage two But you work out how much you can cheat without putting weight back on I have tried to summarize Zoe Harkins dietary advice in the table below column Z h1 and z h2 Dr. John Griffis, escape the diet trap.

This is a non diet diet book Dr. Brad vaq ‘it’s that we should eat the sort of foods that sustained our primal ancestors for the vast majority of the time that human beings have existed in general This means cutting out processed foods sugars and grain-based foods and eating more animal fats and protein cebra in the table below The Archlord diet this based on advice given. Dr. Curt Harris MD on his blog arch of or calm Dr. Harris defines an arch or as someone who eats based on essential principles and also someone who hungers for essential Principles I like dr. Harris’s approach He says that his blog is just the opinions of someone who has spent a lot of time reading and thinking about nutrition I also like the fact that he does not seem to have a book to sell

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