How to Lose 2 Pounds a Day with the Lemon Diet

Recent medical research by a group of scientist, have discovered that lemon water definitely increase the fat burning procedure. So, if you really looking for a sure way to lose your unwanted fat from your body, then you must try this lemon diet plan. If you follow this lemon diet plan, then there is a guarantee that you shall lose 2 pounds each and every day. Scientist also call this diet “the lemon cleansing”, as well as it also known as “Beyonce’s Diet”. Because, this famous star lose 80 pounds after pregnancy, by using this diet. Here is the Lemon-Diet Recipe: Active Ingredients are: 1. Water – 8 cup, 2. Lemon Juice of 6 Lemon, 3. Honey – 1/2 cup, 4. Get some ice, 5. Mint Leaves – 10 pieces. First of all, put the water in a bowl. Heat it, until it warms up a bit, do not boil it. To be exact, it should not be more than 60 degree.

Now put lemon, honey, and Mint leaves in it. Then stir it for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat, and let it cool a bit. Then put it in the fridge for few hours. After that, take it out from the fridge, strain the mixture, and its ready to drink. So, How to Use it: Well, You have to take 1 glass of this lemon drink before breakfast. Then you should eat fruit salad as your breakfast. At 11 o’clock, you need to take 2nd glass of this drink with some almonds.

Your lunch should be, boiled egg with some lettuce salad, spiced with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. At 16 o’clock, you need to take another glass of this drink with some fruits. Your dinner should be grilled fish or chicken, with some seasonal salad. You have to take one more glass of this lemon drink, 2 hours before you going to sleep. You definitely should avoid any processed or junk food.

Just try this diet for one week, and you will surely see some great results. If you want to live a healthy life, then stay tuned with our channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, See you later and, thanks for watching..

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