Lose Fat Fast With Only 1 Meal A Day

Alright guys how’s it going so in today’s video I want to talk about how you can lose a lot of fat eating just one meal per day so we’re gonna get into the scientific facts about one meal a day in a second but first let me tell you about my personal experience doing it so in 2015 I had been strength training for a while but I’d never been super super lean before I kind of had a six-pack I was pretty lean you know I was in shape but I wanted to have really ripped abs I wanted to be super lean and I wanted to kind of prove to myself that I could do that so I kept training sometimes I trained twice a day I went in a calorie deficit I upped my protein intake I did everything you’re supposed to do and I was doing intermittent fasting I was eating you know in an eight-hour eating window for the day but I decided to take it up a notch and I decided to do one meal a day sometimes I would do two meals a day but mostly I would just eat one large meal for the day within about two hours and man did I see some results I got so damn lean and I got lean or relatively quickly I dropped from about I would say 1314 percent body fat to about 7% body fat in a matter of about 9 to 10 weeks so in my personal experience one meal a day worked really well and if you look online if you look on reddit if you look on all these forums all these people are saying that one meal a day gave them incredible results so why are these people getting such great results doing one meal a day now many fitness gurus online are going to say that it’s all about insulin so they’re going to say that because you fast you’re not having food coming into your system and because you’re not having insulin or genic foods like carbohydrates and protein filled foods into your system your insulin is going to be lowered and because your insulin is going to be lowered you’re going to be able to burn through all of your fat stores so that’s basically the logic behind doing intamin fasting as well as one meal a day but the thing is when we look at the best research available to meta-analyses have shown that intamin fasting is no better for fat loss when compared to frequent meals when calories are Pro and protein are controlled for so obviously the answer is an insulin yes insulin is going to prevent fat from being released through lipolysis when it’s spiked but it makes no difference if the of calories and protein you’re consuming is exactly the same so that’s important to keep in mind so why is it that one meal a day is so effective for so many people well the answer is simple it’s because you eat less food and it’s a very simplistic answer that people don’t like to hear because sometimes their entire channel is a base of this insulin hypothesis so they could never disagree with that otherwise all their channel would be BS but that’s the truth right and that’s what the best research has shown so the reason you’re losing fat so quickly on one meal a day is because it’s very difficult to overeat if your calories your maintenance calories are 3,000 for the day let’s say eating 3000 calories in one meal is possible but if you’re eating foods which are high in protein and relatively high in fiber and you’re eating that within half an hour or an hour the chances that you’re gonna be able to surpass 3,000 calories eating some rice and broccoli and stuff is pretty damn unlikely and even if you’re eating more unhealthy foods like pizza even then it’s far more difficult to overeat so that’s basically the reason why one meal a day is so effective so if you have a lot of fat to lose and you’re really struggling with your appetite and yes you’re losing some fat but you really want to speed up the process then doing one meal a day can be a realistic option and it’s not necessarily the first option I recommend you doing but if you were trying to lose quite a bit of fat not the Stamp fly if you’re trying to lose quite a bit of fat then it’s definitely something you could try because a lot of people have found that over time over the the first few weeks of doing it their appetite decreases they’ve completely forget that they’re hungry throughout the day and weight loss just becomes very very easy now although one meal a day obviously is going to be very effective you do want to make sure that it’s going to be sustainable for you long term now this doesn’t mean you have to do one meal a day for the rest of your life you can do one meal a day for a few months lose the fat and go back to 2 or 3 meals a day that’s perfectly fine but you want to make sure that you’re not drastically changing a life from eating 7 meals a day to one meal a day because the chances of you keeping that up consistently long-term are going to be much lower than if you were to ease into it and make sure that you can sustain it more long term there’s another disadvantage to one meal a day and that’s the chance of you becoming micro nutrient deficient so if you’re eating one meal a day and you’re eating similar foods on a daily basis the chances of you being deficient and certain vitamins and minerals are going to be increased for example if you’re eating rice broccoli and chicken and a piece of fruit every day for dinner although you know most people aren’t just eating that the chance of you being micro nutrient deficient is going to be much much higher so you want to be sure to be consuming different foods on your meal each day in order to prevent the chance of a micronutrient deficiency I also really recommend getting your blood work done to make sure that you’re not deficient in anything depending on where you live this may be free or it may be inexpensive maybe it’s expensive but I certainly do think it’s worth it to get your blood work done that way you can stop guessing about what you’re deficient in you can actually see what you’re deficient in and then compensate for that and make up for it by eating more foods with the nutrients that you may be lacking another thing to consider with one meal a day is when you should exercise so for many people doing one meal a day they’ll exercise in a fasted state so when I was doing it I would fast until at about I would have my workout fasted and then I would come home and have my large meal at about 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock and that would be it then I would fast until the next day until I have my following workout so you can do the same or you can eat your big meal before you workout but it’s gonna be much more difficult to have your large meal before workout because you’re eating so much food that you’re gonna be fatigued you’re not gonna perform well because you have so much food in your stomach so you can eat it and then wait a few hours and then work out but I really wouldn’t suggest eating your 2,500 calories for example and working out 40 minutes after that meal is training in a fasted state gonna be better for fat loss now the evidence on this is mixed we have some studies ramadhan studies showing that fat loss as opposed to weight loss was increased with groups who were training in a fasted state god that’s loud whatever that insect is sorry about that if you can’t hear me so there is some evidence that in a fasted state you know insulin is gonna be lowered you’re gonna get more blood flow to the abdominal region you’re gonna get more catecholamines like adrenaline and a noradrenaline to your fat receptors and that may release more fat in a fasted State but overall the truth is that the difference long term isn’t going to be that large so you know just trained fit or fasted based on your own post preference and focus on your macros and your calorie deficit is your main priority for determining your body composition another thing you can do is also have a small snack before you work out if you don’t like to Train facets so you can have a protein shake you can have a muesli bar and a banana have your workout and then have your one meal for the day it doesn’t have to be one meal okay because again it doesn’t matter how many meals you have fat loss is gonna be the same so that’s always important to remember so hopefully this was informative and hopefully it helped you out with your questions if one meal a day is something you’ve been meaning to try out leave your comments down below let me know your experience eating one meal a day or doing intermittent fasting and it’s how it’s helped with your fat loss until next time guys I’ll see you later peace out

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