New Vegans: Tips & Resources

It can be very confusing to a new vegan to know what to listen to. There are so many different types of vegan diets and opinions. The best places to find the right information often depends on the type of diet you want to be on, but the truth is there is a lot of good information too. The following resources will give you good information and keep you on the right track.

Forks Over Knives – This is a great website but it’s also a Movie that you can watch on Netflix and possibly Amazon that helps you understand a healthy vegan plant-based diet that will work for most people. Plus, they don’t use processed food and all the recipes are super simple and tasty.

Dr. McDougall – This site has a variety of great information, including even some free downloads and menus that you can follow. Since he is a Doctor he also has a Health & Medical center and many programs you can sign up to be part of to help you on your vegan journey. – this is a great site that has recipes, and a free starter guide for new vegans too. This site has everything you need to begin a plant-based diet off right. Starting off healthy with the right information can make all the difference in your success.

The Plant-Based Dietitian – If you want some one-on-one help the plant-based dietitian is a great place to get information find out about books she’s written, and to even sign up for coaching with Julieanna Hever.

Thrive Magazine – This online magazine has everything you’d expect from a magazine, but it’s all dedicated to veganism. They’ll help you with health and wellness, culture, recipes, shopping and so much more.

USDA Farmer’s Market Directory – This is a directory kept up to date by the US Government. If you want to find a farmer’s market in your area this is the place to go. Shopping at your local farmers market is better for the environment and for you too.

Food Blogs – There are so many amazing food blogs you must check out as a new or even an old vegan. Try,, and and more. There are so many there is no way to list them all but if you do a search on Google you’re sure to find them.

Today there is barely any excuse not to be vegan. It’s healthy for you, healthy for the environment, and simple too. You don’t need fancy ingredients or special vitamins, and there is no such thing as carb combing to create complete proteins which have been debunked for some time. Just eat plants, and you’ll be fine.

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